Santa gave me my Career ;)

Walking into any retailer during the holidays is a magical event with towers of sparkling goodies and sale signs held up by satin ribbons! But what if those pretty red boxes filled with every color of gemstone stud earrings you could imagine had been late to the party? What if all your holiday dreams were crushed because the earrings you saw in the ad weeks ago and had planned to buy for your mother, sister, grandmother and self weren’t in the store? Holiday gift giving might be ruined if vendors like myself (by self I mean my company, because I certainly do not do anything in this industry alone) did not deliver their goods on time.  And, I certainly do Not want to be on #teamIruinedchristmas! Which is why I spent the weekend trying to set Fancy colors of Topaz into sterling silver stud earrings by hand with minimal tools in an office definitely not equipped for doing so. 

Luckily I was prepared years ago, by a little toy Hasbro called “Treasure Rocks”.  [Thank you Santa!] You see the earrings which needed to be shipped, well let’s just say yesterday, for arguments sake, came to us in two parts. Part one was the loose stones. Part two was the “snap set” four prong earring posts. So, the general idea is… Exactly the same, push the stones into the mounting until you hear a click or “snap”… Or it would have been, at least, if the stones and the mountings matched up properly.  Unfortunately for us, our “snap sets” were not very snappy and we had to resort to other methods of completion.

What childhood toys led you to your destiny?

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