Preserve that Fall Feeling

As the first snow fell over Philly last night, I wanted nothing more than to preserve the fall. It seems autumn gets shorter and shorter each year, but maybe that’s just how years work as you get older. Luckily, there are a couple of stones that support that fall feeling.


I love gemstones of all kinds but there are two in particular that I have been really obsessing over this fall: Sphene (aka Titanite) and Coral.


Multicolored sparkle tumbles across sphene facets like autumn leaves shimmying across the sky and onto the damp streets on a gusty mid-October morning. The rich body color ranges from greens through yellows and into browns, but as lights hit the facets of this mesmerizing stone you can always see a variety of colors: green, orange, brown, red, champagne.

It’s magical display is most notably due to a high dispersion rate sometimes called ‘fire’ because it is the way in which light breaks down or ‘sparks’ within a crystalline structure.

11.17.14 211


sphene for marchis earrings

Check out more of the detailed specs from The International Gem Society here.



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Coral in Rare Form

New Girl on Jewelers’ Row

For me, the fall always flies by and is usually measured by football games and leaves on the ground. This fall in particular has been marked by a barrage of changes for me. It was one year ago this past October that I decided to leave my position in the manufacturing world to pursue my own venture. Everyone* thought I was crazy and never going to make any money with Constance & Carob and that I should take another job before anyone noticed I was “out of work.” Instead, I actually turned down a few offers a few times, and chose to take on a couple of contracts that others felt were gambles at best. And then I did the unthinkable, I moved outside of NYC… and not just to the suburbs, I moved all the way to the suburbs of Philadelphia….

And it was the best decision I have ever made! image was chosen as the image of my departure from NYC and arrival in Philly by Frank’s son Orlando… We felt it was fitting.)

A few days after I got settled, I decided to canvas Jeweler’s Row for manufacturing partners in Philly so that I could avoid the long trip to NYC’s Diamond District at least for smaller projects. What I found was the shop of my dreams full of souls just waiting for me to join their United Nations-esq family. So, I did. And I can now say that I am a proud member of the FGS Gems family, located on the Historic Sansom** Street in Center City Philadelphia! Come visit. (That’s  kind of an order.)


Why did I sign up? the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin? It’s kind of like that in here… (yes, I know your mind is blown.) There are more gems in this shop than in most museums. NO JOKE! The owner Frank has the largest collection of stones (rough and cut) and mineral specimen I have ever seen. No seriously… just wait till we get into the safe.

*By everyone I mean industry wide and not actually everyone because I have had a great deal of people be very supportive of my choices to follow my dreams.

** Sansom Street was the first “Diamond/Jewelry” District in the United States! 😉 #historylesson

…..The Beginning of the New End Winking smile……