This is the part of my blog that helps me to overcome my sometimes unexpectedly severe social awkwardness (or just bathe in it… I’m not sure which), and simply ask the fabulous and inspiring people on the street to let me take a picture of their jewelry (because I sometimes did before having this portion on my blog and it was…. well we don’t need to talk about that now.)


You see (ok, so I guess we are going to talk about this now), when you stop a stranger on the street or at the airport or train station or in a foreign country, and ask to take a picture of them and their jewelry, they usually want to know what the heck you plan on doing with it. However, when you have a business card all of a sudden you are like a pervert in a candy store (by that I mean… well you know, everyone knows your weird but they also really like candy too.) and I am that pervert and jewelry is my candy. (wow this entry just got really weird… But I took a blogging class and my professor said I really need to stop editing myself or I would get discouraged and never post…which already happened a few times before… So here goes raw, awkward me with business cards and an iPhone.)

The Beginning of The End.

It's really only awkward if you make it.... Or if I do.

It’s really only awkward if you make it…. Or if I do.

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